Using your Nokia 920 like a WiFi hotspot

If you were lucky enough to be one of the BUILD attendees in Redmond earlier this month then you left with this beautiful device in your pocket: The Nokia Lumia 920.  However when you tried to turn on Internet Sharing in your system settings you were met with a message from ATT that you would need to call them to set up this option.

Lucky for me I spotted a tweet from my friend @waltritscher that unlocked the ability to turn on tethering. Follow these instructions:

1) Go to Settings
2) Go to Keyboard
3) + Add Keyboards
4) Select Spanish (Spain)
5) Click on the checkmark icon to install.

You now have the abilty to have up to 5 devices connect to your 920 as your personal hotspot!

So here is my question to my fellow 920 owners… How long will this last?  This seems like a bug to me that at some point will be closed.  ATT charges $50 a month for 5gb of data.  Is this a unique feature of our development versions of the Nokia 920? Love to hear feedback from other attendees on this.

EDIT:  As of yesterday’s Access Point update from ATT this option is now closed #disappointed!


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