The awesomeness that is Silverlight Spy

I’ve gone far too long without adding my two cents about the awesomeness that is Silverlight Spy.  If you are a Silverlight/Blend/UX guy like me you’ll understand how this tool is indespensible to doing your job.  Being able to Ctrl+Shift over elements on the page and navigate the tree to find things in a large solution is a massive time saver. Here is the other thing that is amazing; at runtime you can manipulate properties and see them reflected immediately.  Are you kidding me??  So much wasted time with tweaking/building/tweaking/buidling.  It’s been an epic time saver for me.

Props to the creator of this app Koen Zwikstra.  I had a question one time and emailed his contact info on the site not expecting an reponse soon, if at all and he replied within 15 minutes.  Maybe I got lucky but that was crazy goodness.  Silverlight Spy you rock!


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