Blend and multiple xaps in a single solution

It appears that Blend 3 doesn’t like having more than one app (compiled xap) in a single solution.  The solution at my company is very large so we’ve broken it up into multiple xaps.  Additionally I’ve divided up my SL2 app.xaml (was over 12,000 lines of code!) into 6 resource dictionaries in the move to SL3. WELL… Blend gets mighty confused when trying to find my resource dictionaries with multiple xaps.  It ended up picking the unit test xap which couldn’t see all my static resources. So although it compiles and you see things at runtime just fine, within the design window of Blend you see none of your styles. You’ll see something like this: “The resource “MyResource” could not be resolved.”


Well for now we’ve built seperate custom client solutions that only contain one xap.  Perhaps this is a bug in Blend, perhaps someone else out there has encountered this and has a better implementation. Feel free to chime in 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blend and multiple xaps in a single solution

  1. Hi arturo! i am ivana from argentina dont know if you remember me, silvelright fan. just wanted to wish you good luck with the blog, and i will be following you! 🙂

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